What is SSL or TLS certificate, and why should you monitor your SSL certificate?

October 5, 2021

Security symbols: lock and secure sign.

SSL (secure sockets layer), widely replaced by TLS (Transport Layer Security), is a cryptographic protocol that encrypts internet traffic and verifies the server identity. Although today most websites are using TLS certificates, they are commonly being referred to as SSL certificates. This protocol enables a website to use secure HTTPS instead of HTTP. The certificate establishes a link between a web server and the browser so that all data passed between them remains private. It ensures that only the visitor or the website can see and access what the user types.

SSL certificates are mandatory for sending sensitive information over the internet, like credit cards.

Most SSL certificates purchased are available for one to two years and need to be renewed.

But what happens if you forget to renew in time the SSL certificate?

Your website will have an SSL error such as 'Your Connection is Not Private.'

Without the certificate, customers won't be able to verify the ownership of the website and won't know if they connect securely to your website. They will think that the website is not trusted or is down. It could generate a loss in reputation, loss of customers, and loss in profits. Exomonitor can monitor and alert you before this happens.

Suppose you don't have an SSL certificate and accept payments from your customers. You could face penalties, including heavy monthly fines from individual credit card companies, because of the violation of PCI DSS requirements.

Moreover, SSL is part of Google's search ranking algorithm. If your website doesn't have an SSL certificate, search engines like google will penalize your SEO ranking.

How to avoid SSL certificate expiry?

Use an SSL certificate monitoring tool. You can create an SSL/TLS certificate monitor using exomonitor.com in 5 min by filling a similar form to the one below. You won't have to check or worry about remembering to renew the SSL/TLS certificate anymore. The monitor will send you an alert to your email two weeks before the expiration date, so you will have plenty of time to renew it.

Exomonitor SSL monitor form example


You can select the frequency and stop the monitor at any time.

The price is updated according to the frequency and appears in the monitor form.

You can activate a monitor before entering credit card details, but credit card details are needed to run a monitor.