Your business has critical systems that need monitoring to avoid any loss of business and reputation.

Exomonitor monitors your systems so that when something breaks, it is easy to diagnose and fix.

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Our Products

Web Site Monitoring

We track all of the key metrics associated with your website speed and uptime, and enable you to define alerts based upon performance and content.

Domain Registration Whois Monitoring

Most people purchase there domains and forget about them but cards expire, auto-renew can be misconfigured, and hackers will hack, so set up a monitor!
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DNS Monitoring

Misconfigurations can cause very subtle errors. Also, hackers will often quietly change your DNS without you knowing it. Almost every system will go down if the DNS goes down. Monitor it.

End to End Email Monitoring

Ensure people receive your emails.
Take action immediately before your customers even notice.
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Database Monitoring coming soon icon

Get an alert when your database is overloaded with has run away queries, or too many connections, or too many active queries.

Database Reporting Monitoring coming soon icon

Monitor critical processes and metrics and exceptions in your business using SQL, and get alerts when there are problems or scheduled reports.


SSL Certificate Monitoring

Alert you before your digital certificate expires.

Credit Card Monitoring coming soon icon

If the company cards stop working multiple services will fail and more.

Monitor the hidden dependencies

The key to having a stable and dependable system is to monitor your dependencies.
Instead of wondering what may or may not be working in your business, with Exomonitor you can get alerts on any of the important services that you rely on.

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Pay only for what you use.

Price per check

Single request


Price per 43,200 checks

A check every minute for 30 days


Bulk price per check starting at more than 432,000 checks a month

Single request


Bulk Price for 432,000 Checks a month

Equivalent to 10 monitors checking every minute for 30 days

  • Email notification.

  • Dashboard for all your monitors.

  • Dashboard with history of all the notifications.

  • Share with team members.

  • Turn off any monitor at any time.

  • Billed once a month only for what you use.

  • Pay only $1 to activate first monitor.

  • Activate first monitor gives you $1 credit.

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It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get insight and control into your systems. If you have any questions, our support team would be happy to help you.

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