Domain Registration Whois Monitoring so you don't lose your domains

April 18, 2021

If you have a domain registration issue, fix it immediately.

It can be very expensive and difficult to retrieve a domain once you've lost it.

There are plenty of problems to watch out for.

Let's review the common ones:

  1. Failing to pay is very common. Your card may not work, and you may not see email alerts from the registrar.
    Sign in to your registrar, make sure that the payment method is working or that the account is funded, if the registrar requires pre-funding. If that is the problem, sometimes you can repurchase it or pay for it, and you'll get it back immediately.
    If that doesn't work, you must contact your registrar.
  2. Your name servers may have changed without authorization.
    Make sure that the domain is pointing to the correct name servers. Make sure that the published contact information is accurate.
    Sometimes the registrar will do this if you have not paid.
  3. Someone may have changed the contact information associated with a domain without your permission.
  4. Your "Registrar Registration Expiration Date: " may have elapsed for whatever reason. Perhaps the domain is not set to renew by accident.
  5. Someone may have hacked your registrar account.

Fix this quickly. When there is a problem with your domain registrar, it worsens the longer you wait and is harder to fix. So take action. You should first change the password, lock your domain, and confirm that the email address for your account is still your own. But, you also must discover how your account was hacked. Perhaps your email has been compromised, or your password has been compromised. Make sure you have 2FA setup.

Here are the official rights according to ICANN But, they refer you to the individual registrars that each handle it in their own ways.

You should therefore monitor your domain and get an alert if anything changes so that you can fix your domain issues quickly.

Start monitoring your domains with exomonitor today in just 5 minutes by filling a similar form to the one below.

Exomonitor DNS monitor form example


You can select the frequency and stop the monitor at any time.

The price is updated according to the frequency and appears in the monitor form.

You can activate a monitor before entering credit card details, but credit card details are needed to run a monitor.