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Web Content Monitoring

February 1st, 2022

How to get an alert when a web page changes.

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Port monitoring and how to fix issues

January 30, 2022

Monitor your ports to prevent outages And misconfigurations.

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Deep Web Application Monitoring

October 26

Keep your site, up, secure, and correct.

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DNS monitoring and how to fix issues.

October 21

How to use the Exomonitor DNS monitor to detect DNS issues and protect your system.

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Web monitoring and how to fix issues.

October 15

How to use the Exomonitor web monitor to detect outages and troubleshoot web outages.

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What is SSL or TLS certificate, and why should you monitor your SSL certificate?

October 5

Without the certificate, customers will think that the website is not trusted or is down. It could generate a loss in reputation, loss of customers, and loss in profits.

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Domain Registrar/Whois

Domain registration Whois monitoring so you don't lose your domains.

April 18

If you have a domain registration issue, fix it immediately.
It can be very expensive and difficult to retrieve a domain, once you've lost it.

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End-to-end Email Monitoring.

April 17

Use Exomonitor end-to-end email monitoring to ensure your company can successfully send emails.

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