End-to-end Email Monitoring

April 17, 2021

Use Exomonitor end-to-end email monitoring to ensure your company can successfully send emails.

Almost every service sends important emails to its users.

Like any outage, email outage can be a loss of business and reputation, so take action immediately before your customers even notice.

Detecting an email outage can be very difficult to monitor because the result is on a third-party system, and there can be so many causes for the problem and there may not be error messages associated with the failure. This is why Exomonitor proposes that you use end-to-end email monitoring. You send an email to an address that we provide at Gmail as often as you want to monitor, and Exomonitor alerts you if your email does not arrive at the address.

Possible problems stopping your email from working:

  1. Your mail may not get into your queue, if you use a queue for sending emails.
  2. You may have a mail queue that is failing to be processed.
  3. Your systems may not have connectivity to your mail service because of a network issue like a firewall.
  4. If you use a 3rd party mail service like SendGrid or mailgun, your credentials may no longer work for various reasons.
  5. Your account at the 3rd party mail service may not be active anymore for a variety of reasons.
  6. The mail service may not be functioning properly for a variety of reasons.
  7. The primary mail services may not receive your emails because of a misconfigured SPF record or any other reason.

If we sent you an alert, that means that your emails aren't reaching their final destination, and that's a problem. You'll need to troubleshoot every step of your email sending process until you determine what the issue is. The rarest and tricky situation to detect involves detecting an outage in a 3rd party service.

Status pages for third party services:

If major email providers are down, your customers won't receive emails.

Investigate your SPF record:

Investigate if your mail server is blacklisted:

You should therefore monitor your email delivery and get an alert as soon as your emails fail to arrive in your customer's inboxes.

Exomonitor will provide you with an email address regularly, and it will alert you if Exomonitor didn't receive your email.

Start monitoring your emails with exomonitor today by filling a similar form to the one below.

Exomonitor email monitor form example


You can select the frequency and stop the monitor at any time.

The price is updated according to the frequency and appears in the monitor form.

You can activate a monitor before entering credit card details, but credit card details are needed to run a monitor.