DNS Monitoring and Troubleshooting

October 20, 2021

Use Exomonitor DNS monitoring to be alerted about DNS changes

Domain Name Server records are human-friendly names that point to internet addresses in various ways. Your users rely on DNS records, and your internal servers rely on DNS records. When something changes, you need to be alerted.

DNS quietly is the cause of many system issues, so an update on changes can solve many sorts of problems.

There are many possible causes for a DNS outage:

  1. Your domain expired or was transferred or changed. (Are you monitoring your domain?)
  2. Name servers are typically highly reliable, but even the most reliable name servers have gone down. You can use our port monitor to monitor it for outages. If there is an outage you should check the status page of whatever DNS service you use.
  3. DNS misconfiguration. Records can be deleted or changed, by accident, by a person or a system. It's helpful to see the before and after troubleshooter issues.
  4. Hackers can often gain control of your DNS to cause security problems or a service outage. Having an immediate report would be a helpful way of immediately detecting the hacker. Always secure your DNS server and give minimal access and use MFA.

You should monitor your DNS and get a report on the DNS changes of your system.

Start monitoring your website with exomonitor today.

You can create a DNS monitor in just 5 minutes by filling a similar form to the one below.

Exomonitor DNS monitor form example


You can select the frequency and stop the monitor at any time.

The price is updated according to the frequency and appears in the monitor form.

You can activate a monitor before entering credit card details, but credit card details are needed to run a monitor.